March 9th, 2016


I wish I was less disappointed by the Ghostbusters Trailer

Sadly, the trailer makes it _really_ hard to judge on its own merits, because it so clearly wants to trade on the original that it comes across as a badly done remake.

If it's supposed to be a sequel (and the "30 years ago, four scientists saved New York" clearly puts us there) why are so many of the moments in the trailer clearly recreations recapitulations of the original movie? If it's supposed to be a remake, why take a movie that did silliness so well and focus in on the gross?

Sure, the original had slime. But while it had Venkman disgusted by having to deal with it, and sighing as he collected ectoplasm, or dejectedly trudging along with goo all over him, this trailer has very bad CGI spraying goo directly at a character for several seconds, and then them emphasising this by talking about it getting "in every crack". The feeling I got here was that goo was funny in the original, so making it more explicit would make it funnier. And it really doesn't.

And why the lumpen recreation of the parts of the original team structure that could really have done with being updated? Why have the three white scientists, and then the black person who needs to be slotted in later? Did we _need_ a Winston? And why not have the black woman be one of the three scientists, rather than making her the street-smart one who "really knows New York"?

And then a black-woman reacting to possession in a way that seemed to play directly into stereotypes (The "Oh Hell No, The Devil is alive?" line made me cringe a lot) while also being a tired "homage" to The Exorcist. Seriously, if you wanted to come across as a tired mess of a movie that didn't actually know what it wanted to be then this trailer couldn't have done a better job.

And it's not like the CGI actually even looked that good. This was circulating within hours of the trailer appearing:

(I feel bad criticising this, because I _loved_ the effect that an all-woman Ghostbusters movie was having on the less pleasant parts of the internet. I was really hoping that the movie would be great fun. But alas, no.)

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