October 13th, 2015


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Facebook don't know what they want

About an hour ago, I got a note from Facebook that one of my posts on my Facebook page for Andy Ducker's Links was proving more popular than most, and would I like to boost it?

And I haven't done anything like that since I spent £10 aaaaaages ago to see what would happen. But I figured that spending £3 (the suggested amount) to see how boosted posts worked would be interesting.

So I clicked the Boost button, and left it to be approved.

Which it wasn't. Because it has the word Fuck in it.

And you'd think that they'd check that kind of thing _before_ they suggested I boost it, and saved me wasting my time, and theirs.

I mean, if you have nice, standard, lists of words that aren't allowed then check against those automatically. It's not like this is rocket science, or Facebook is lacking in developers who are perfectly capable of a word search. Heck, do it at the point I hit the "boost" button, and tell me I can't submit it while the word "Fuck" is in the headline.

Bafflingly incompetent, that's what it is.

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