October 5th, 2015


I need your thoughts on link grouping

I've been thinking about grouping my links. Given a list of ten or more links, my posts start to look pretty intimidating.

The obvious thing to do is to group them by tag. Funny ones in one group, political ones in a different group. People who don't care about Scottish Independence can skip down to Cats.

But I have some questions about how to approach this. And I'm hoping you lot can suggest options. Or tell me when my ideas don't match yours.

Links grouped automatically based on the tags used in that individual post.

User can specify what tags to ignore for grouping purposes.

Minimum group sizes: There's no point having a group with a single link in it. I'm thinking three is a good minimum size, but it should probably be user-definable.

Minimize ungrouped links: Whatever grouping method I use should leave the smallest number of links in the "Other" grouping as possible.

Tag group crossover: If I have five links all tagged with both "USA" and "Politics" then the group should presumably be "USA politics".

Partial subgroup crossover: What if there are three "USA politics" links and one "UK politics" links, with a minimum group size of two? Do I have a single "Politics" group with four tags in it? A "Politics" group with a subgroup "USA" and a standalone link in it? Something else?

Partial crossover: What if there are two "funny" links, two "Politics" links, and one "funny politics" link (with a minimum group size of three)? Randomly assign the crossover link to one of the two groups to make it large enough? Assign it to both and have it appear twice? What if one of the two tags was already popular enough to have its own tag? What if both of them are? What if all three of them are?

As you can see, this goes from "things that are trivial" to "I have no idea what to do here". Which is why I haven't done anything with it yet.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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Interesting Links for 05-10-2015


So, I'm not going to group my links

Because everyone came out and said "We like them just fine the way they are", I'll not touch that.

I may follow the suggestion that would allow me to tag some as "special" and make them bold. And make the tags a bit smaller. But that's about it.

Oh, and there's the possibility of trying to do a thematic ordering, so that ones with similar tags are close to each other. But that means projecting an n-dimensional web into a 1-dimensional line, which is rife with issues of its own. So no this week.

In any case, thanks for all of the feedback and niceness, you're all lovely!

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