September 14th, 2015


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A less than productive day

Just got this from my friend John, and it was too good not to share:

Our websites have a bespoke ad system where clients can attach "button ads" to categories. Little clickable doohickeys that are highly visible links to their websites.

At ten o'clock this morning, I noticed that all the button ads had vanished from our website. Suddenly the cold dread hit me, the one where you suddenly realise something has gone *horribly* wrong.

I immediately looked at our live SQL server, fearing the worst. Fearing that our data had been compromised somehow. I found that the data was all present and correct. This was good news. I set about querying our live Solr instance to see if somehow the data had not ended up in the index. The data was there. This was also a relief, but clearly meant that the last release of the website had a serious issue. I quickly confirmed this on my dev machine. The button ads were missing there too.

So I checked out the master branch. Same problem. Checked out the previous branch. Same problem. Tried the branch before...

A colleague came over to my desk to ask me something. Asked him if he'd noticed that the button ads had vanished. He stated they hadn't: he'd just added one for a client. They were working fine. Bewildered, I switched from Chrome to Firefox. They were indeed there.

This is the point I remembered that I installed an ad blocker in Chrome at my house over the weekend.

*bashes head off desk*


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