May 30th, 2015


A lovely day for ninjing

Just dropped nephew off at his Little Ninjas class, so that his mother can go swimming. Loads of black-clad eight-year-olds running around playing with giant exercise balls. I assume I'll come back in 45 minutes to find a single survivor.

I don't know this part of town very well, so this is a perfect excuse to investigate. By the looks of things there's either a river or a train line not far from here, and a bridge I think I can get to.

And then later, once I've returned Noah to his parents, hopefully mostly intact, there will be people in the pub. Which I'm looking forward to (After numerous people said "I wish someone would organise a get together" I got fed up waiting and just did it.)

Hope you're all enjoying a lovely Saturday, and your weather is at least as lovely as mine.

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Interesting Links for 30-05-2015


Scottish Labour are expelling members who voted for anyone else at the last election

So, if you're a Labour member, and you vote tactically, that's you out...

(Personally, I'd think that if people who actively paid to be a member of my party had voted for someone else, my priority would be to get them to change their vote, not their membership...)

From - and Guardian coverage here.

Edit: I know Lib-Dem members who voted Labour at the last election, to keep the SNP out, and ones who voted SNP to keep Labour out. I don't blame either group. Under FPTP I expect people to vote however makes sense in an individual seat at a given time. (Unless they're focussed on the long-term view, of course.)

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