May 18th, 2015


Interesting Links for 18-05-2015

I concise guide to the current UK Cabinet. Well worth a read.
(tags: uk politics conservatives )
JavaScript at 20
(tags: javascript )
Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight.
(tags: exercise weight )
Beware Eurosceptic versions of history and science
(tags: history science Europe )
How Many Americans Are Married To Their Cousins? (And how does that compare across the world?)
(tags: marriage relationships cousins genetics )
Facebook conspiracy theorists fooled by even the most obvious anti-science trolling
(tags: belief conspiracy )
Nick Clegg to become masked vigilante
(tags: nickclegg superheroes funny )
Mad Max: Like dropping acid and watching a Fast And Furious film and a gore fest while reading a women's studies text
(tags: movies review )
Hulk + cute animals = awesome
(tags: hulk cute )
Have you heard about the awesome powers of bean juice?
(tags: coffee funny comic )
UK government quietly rewrites hacking laws to give GCHQ immunity
(tags: hacking laws spying )
Drummers: Smarter than you
(tags: drums )
Unite could back SNP if new Labour leader ignores unions
(tags: unions politics Labour snp )
WANTED: Scottish Nationalism with a head as well as a heart
(tags: Scotland independence )
Schools that ban mobile phones see better academic results
(tags: phones school )
Labour leadership candidates have one thing in common – they all went to Oxbridge
(tags: Labour education )
The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
(tags: aging )
Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos
(tags: datamining photos timelapse )
A Dutch City Makes Room for Its River and a New Identity
(tags: Netherlands rivers cities )
Testing the placebo effect
(tags: placebo funny comic )
I Have Nonverbal Autism. Here’s What I Want You to Know.
(tags: autism )
Free will inside the Nazi death camps
(tags: FreeWill nazis Holocaust jews psychology )

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Why did I click?

In retrospect, we should have watched Game of Thrones _before_ the Mad Men finale

The first few episodes of this season (last year) weren't great, but the season got better and better, to the point where it ended fantastically, and gave me pretty-much everything I thought I could get from an ending to Mad Men*. Overall, probably the most solid seven seasons of TV I've ever seen.

On the other hand, I really don't understand the complaining about Game of Thrones being slow this season. In my experience, about 2/3 of every GoT season is slow - and awesome with it. Politics, characters doing interesting things, general fucked-up unpleasantness, and then BOOM, something epic happens in episode nine** and the internet explodes. And then the next season starts, and everyone seems to think that it's all episode nine, all the time.

As someone who really enjoys all of the slow(ish) character stuff, this baffles me. Particularly when "slow" still includes fight scenes, horrific events happening to characters I like, dragons, horrific events happening to characters I hate, gorgeous scenery, horrific events happening to characters I don't care about, and fascinating bits of politics that are all going to go Horribly Wrong for Everyone any minute now***.

In any case, we dashed from counselling at the Maggie's Centre to our traditional "Steak on the way home from counselling", at which I'd promised Julie chocolate fondue this week****, and then straight home so that we could fit both episodes in. And it was totally worth it. I almost can't believe we never get to watch any more Mad Men!

*It wasn't perfect, and there were things I'd do differently. But none of it made me shout at the screen, and there were so many good moments that made me very happy.
**Seriously. Episode nine in every season is The Epic One That Everyone Talks about, and then episode ten is a wind-down to set things up for the next season.
***There are, in my humble opinion, good reasons to not enjoy Game Of Thrones. But "slow" just isn't one of them.
****It wasn't great chocolate fondue. But that still makes it better than most things you can put in your mouth.

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