April 30th, 2015


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Can someone explain to me what Ed Miliband is thinking?

Quoth the leader of the Labour Party: "If the price of having a Labour government is a deal or coalition with the SNP, it’s not going to happen"

So, what exactly is he intending to do when the polls close in a week's time and he can't form a government*? Because that statement looks very much like he's going to let in a Conservative-led government rather than compromise.

And most people will have been understanding that in 2010 it would have been really difficult for Labour to cobble together a coalition. But they're not going to feel the same way if Labour decides that what people _really_ wanted was a Conservative government when they could have stopped one.

So, it's possible that he's going to try and run a minority government without ever talking to Nicola Sturgeon. Which is a _great_ way to make a majority of Scottish people think he's even more of an arse than they already do. Or he might really be willing to hand power to the Conservatives (likewise, only moreso).

Or is there an option I'm missing whereby he's got a tactical masterstroke hidden up his sleeve? Because right now I really can't see it.

*Source - every single election site I can see.

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