April 8th, 2015


Interesting Links for 08-04-2015


I need to know what you think about taxes and non-doms

Before you click, you can read a summary of what "non-domiciled" residents are, and what they are/aren't taxed on here. Oh, and there's a fascinating advert for people considering non-dom status here.

Should we make "Non-Domiciled" residents pay taxes on their world-wide income?

Yes, it's only fair that people that live here pay taxes here.
No, taxing millionaires on money made elsewhere will drive them away, costing us more in the long-term

And, as usual, I'd appreciate some useful viewpoints. Given a billionaire living in Russia who moves to London because London isn't going to make them pay tax on their Russian profits (unless they move those profits into the UK), what are the negative effects on the UK from that?

I would like my concentration back (wherein I whine about being ill)

The last five days have been spent alternating between "My stomach is spasming, and I cann't think because of the pain" and "My stomach is feeling slightly better, but I cannot think because my nose is blocked and my brain is full of fuzz"

Neither of these is much fun. I'm still functional at work, getting both my coding and my organisational stuff done. But I arrive home in the evening and basically fall over. Which sucks, because the flat is a mess, and I'd really like to have the energy to do something about that. I'm managing to wash occasional loads of laundry and occasional stacks of dishes, and that's about it.

My current level of brain seems to be "click refresh on the internet and feel dissatisfied at its contents" - I don't even have the brain to play Pillars of Eternity, which is a crime, because I'm loving it.

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Seal of approval

It seems that whining is good for me.

Three minutes after I posted about feeling sick, I got up, fetched Julie some wine from the freezer, and updated the link-posting code. Which is now fetching the links synchronously*, and logging what it fetches so I can try and track down where it's fucking up and posting blank links sometimes.

Next up - hanging up some washing. And then bed, as my skull is now feeling slightly too tight for my brain.

*The new system can fetch multiple sets of links at once and merge them together. About the only difference between the old "fetch/parse" code and the new one is this asynchronous bit, and I don't know nearly enought about how Java does async to be entirely comfortable that that's not what's fucking up the data. Although I'm damned if I can see _how_. In any case, I've made it synchronous, which means that fetching multiple link sources for a single post will take longer. But as I'm not doing that at the moment, it's worth trying.

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.