March 27th, 2015


Interesting Links for 27-03-2015

running with fire

I asked the internet how I should vote - and it told me.

I just took the quiz at - which is run by Unlock Democracy, and therefore I trust it more than most online political matching sites.

It told me this:

However, the results for Edinburgh East last time around indicate that only the SNP have any chance of unseating Labour locally (and also, although I do agree with some Green policies, I'm not nearly as left wing as they are), and so I strongly suspect that I will be voting SNP at the next election.

(Were I to be in a seat that was currently Lib-Dem then I'd probably vote for them. But I'm not, and they don't have a hope in hell of winning Edinburgh East. And I have someone else I can tactically vote for without feeling bad. And, frankly, my choice of next-government of the UK _is_ a Labour/Lib-Dem/SNP arrangement of some sort. Which thankfully seems to be the only workable arrangement from current predictions.)

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