March 21st, 2015


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If this is Devon, then these must be dogs

We travelled yesterday, spending the eclipse in Edinburgh airport after our plane was delayed. Which was a shame, as I'd fancied seeing the eclipse from the air, but as I suspect that it doesn't look any more special from up there, I'm not too bothered.

We've spent the 27 hours here relaxing solidly. Julie got a chapter of her PhD emailed off just after we arrived, and I've fixed a few technical issues my parents were having, but other than that we've mostly watched the pheasants wander by, eaten food, and walked the dogs.

Mum did show us what happens if she tries to use Uther's favourite toy do do any actual sweeping:

Which looked like so much fun that Julie had a go:

The weather has been gorgeous - cold air, but nice enough in the sun that we've eaten both lunches and today's breakfast outside. And when we walked the dogs earlier I got this shot:

Next up - off to Yeovil, where hopefully we will bump into danieldwilliam HLW in the hotel before mountainkiss's wedding tomorrow.

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