February 28th, 2015


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AC/DC's Hokey Pokey

Thanks to a_pawson. I'm amused to discover that the Hokey Cokey (UK) is the Hokey Tokey (NZ) and the Hokey Pokey (USA,Canada, Ireland), and the Boogie Woogie (some European countries). Oh, and despite the antecedents dating back to 1857 (at least) it's copyright to Sony in the USA. Of course.

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I have an owie

Actually, two of them. My right eye has flared up again, for the third time in three years, and my stomach has decided that it doesn't like to have things in it.

The eye started on Monday, with a dull aching feeling, like my eye was bruised. This is different from the uveitis, which felt like sandpaper in the retina, and I hoped it would go away by itself. Instead, after three days I gave up and went to see the GP, who stared at it, put dye in it, and then tried to refer me to the Eye Pavillion. Who said "Naah, doesn't sound like an emergency, send him to his opticians, and they can refer him if necessary." Apparently this is the new process - opticians as the front-line for eye issues, Eye Pavillion for things that need a Serious Doctor.

The optician was awesome, checked my sight (fine, although my prescription in my right eye is now slightly too strong), checked my eye pressure (12 in one eye, 9 in the other, with the maximum safe level being 19), and put more dye in my eye to get a better look. He then showed be a bunch of pictures of eyes in various states of awfulness, and told me that none of these were wrong with me, and that I have episcleritis. Which basically translates into "That white bit that makes up the front layer of the eye is inflamed and we have no idea why." and that it usually goes away by itself. So I have a follow-up appointment for next Thursday, but otherwise am to carry on as usual. Two days later it does seem to be getting better.

My stomach is behaving bafflingly. Last night, after dinner, it decided that it no longer believed in food containment, and everything inside should leave at once. Which was remarkably painful for the half an hour I was confined to the bathroom. It was painful for the rest of the night, as if the muscles were all strained. This morning I still felt a bit off colour, but well enough to meet Nick and Louise for lunch at Spit/Fire. Which was delicious, and although my stomach was complaining a bit, all seemed well, so Julie and I dropped into John Lewis to look at something for mountainkiss's wedding next month. And then I had to abandon her for fifteen minutes while I located their bathrooms and was confined there for a quarter of an hour.

So now I'm tucked up in bed, feeling rather sorry for myself, while my stomach intermittently produces stabbing pain. Which I think is going around a bit - so I'm assuming it's actually a stomach bug, rather than dodgy food. Hopefully it will pass in an hour or two.

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