February 22nd, 2015


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Needs More Robots

I never thought I'd actually encounter an integer overflow in my own code

However, thanks to attempting to work in time units that are both "seconds from now" and "milliseconds since Jan 1st 1970", I managed to do so, causing my attempts to add 28 days to now to actually produce a figure 21 days in the past.

Other fun this weekend:
My mum was up, and we got a tour around the Scottish Parliament building (well worth it), followed by Mexican food (yay!), the City Art Centre (currently hosting a best-of, and it was fascinating to see what visitors had voted for), and the Scottish National Gallery (always worth a wander around). This pretty much killed both my feet and Saturday.

Today I spent coding up long-running sessions in Java Servlets. Which was interesting (HMACs, cookies, and security stuff to read) and ended up working fine, once I solved my maths problems. And then off for dinner with the family in town, before coming home, where Julie and I have mostly prepped the flat for two workmen to come round and fix the dishwasher tomorrow.

It's been broken for about three weeks now, and when the repairman came round before he discovered that (a)it's wedged in really tightly and (b) the kitchen isn't actually wide enough to pull it out without it going through where the opposite cupboards are. I'm really hoping that they can fix it tomorrow, without having to dismantly half the kitchen. *sigh*

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