February 10th, 2015


A brief note on people "taking over" my comments section

I've had a few people, at different times, apologise for taking over my comments section, or hijacking it, or dragging it off topic. To which I have two responses:

1) It's threaded, so nobody has to reply to your comment if they don't want to. It's _much_ harder to drag a whole comments section off-topic over here than one somewhere without threaded comments.

2) My daily links posts are for people to discuss interesting things in, and generally keep me distracted at work*. If you're having fun in the comments section, and nobody is being a jerk, then you are an awesome person and I love you.

In summary - so long as you're not being mean to anyone** treat the comments as an open discussion forum. I love the tiny bit of community here, it's awesome.

*Also, for people to verify the truth of them, and tell me when I've fallen for something which isn't even remotely true. This is a very useful service you provide.
**Bearing in mind the rules about pedantic grammar niggling, and spoilers

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