February 8th, 2015


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Anyone want some books?

As phase three* of "Clearing out Andy's books", I'm getting rid of a bunch of books - and Julie's getting rid of some of hers too!

If you wander over here you'll see photos of all six boxes, because I am far too lazy to type all of them in. If there are any you're not sure about, then ask.

The LOTR set, sadly, is missing the second volume, because I left it on a bus. Which is a shame, because although I'm sure that there's someone out there missing a different volume, the chances of us matching up are near-zero, so it seems likely that it will simply be dumped.

Oh, and obviously these will be easier to get to you if you're in Edinburgh, or have any likelihood of being so in the near-to-mid future. If it's vital, I can post books to people, but frankly it won't be saving much cash over buying it from Amazon/Ebay and me putting it into the local Shelter.

*Phase 1 happened in Stirling, and was when I got rid of all of the books I was never going to read again - Tom Clancy novels, Wilbur Smith's, that kind of thing, that I'd read as a teenager, and was never going to go back to. (Although part of me does kinda fancy re-reading the entire Courtney saga, possibly when I finish every other book I want to read.)
Phase 2 happened after moving to Edinburgh, and was when I realised that most books I was going to re-read were not going to be pulled off the shelves, but would instead be read on an ebook reader. So most books that didn't have either sentimental value, or some kind of aesthetic value went at that point.
Phase 3 is happening because we need shelf space, and I've got more ruthless about "sentimental value", or got less attached to lumps of paper. I've still got a complete Chronicles of Narnia, and a hardback Good Omens though.

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