February 1st, 2015

it must be true

A weekend of achievement

I spent a chunk of Friday morning looking for a nice UI that would compare two folders, tell me the difference, and then allow me to merge the bits I wanted to between them.

I spent a large chunk of Friday afternoon writing a nice UI that will compare two folders, and tell me the differences. The "merging" functionality, to follow next week, if I have half an hour free.

I was enjoying this so much that it was only at 5:37 that I realised I'd been supposed to leave at 5:10 to meet danieldwilliam. So I left at a run, completely forgetting to take with the minor detail of the name of the pub we were going to meet in. As said pub (a) has a silly name[1] and (b) is inside another building[2], I ended up confusing the taxi driver no end, when I managed to get Dan to text me the name. I arrived a mere 25 minutes late, and we then happily enjoyed their alcohol (they have a microbrewery attached), and rather nice food.

A few hours later I wandered along to the Auld Hoose for the first time in absolutely ages, for Steve's birthday. It was packed, I was tired, and thus I ended up staying about 45 minutes, chatting to a few lovely people, and then staggering home to Julie (via picking up some food for Julie from Kismot, our favourite Indian restaurant, handily next door to the Auld Hoose).

It wasn't until the following morning that a mixture of alcohol, stress, and tiredness meant that I'd left my rucksack and scarf in the second pub. Particularly annoying because (a) the rucksack had my copy of Dominion in it, returned from Dan after his father had repeatedly beaten him at it and (b) the scarf was the lovely one that Jo knitted for me.

On Saturday, Julie and I went to Burntisland and had a lovely chilled time with Lizzie and Ari and Dora, who were exactly as lovely as usual[3]. And then got the train back to Edinburgh and decided that we had enough energy to make it to Ikea, to take a look at some stuff we want for reorganising the living room. We bused out there, froze ourselves mightily in getting from the bus stop to the shop (I carelessly took us to the bus stop that's a ten minute walk away, rather than a three minute walk. Never again.), had some delicious meatballs, and then realised that the shop shuts at 7pm at the weekend, rather than the 9pm it shuts at during the week. At which point, we had half an hour to get around the whole shop!

Thankfully, we knew what we wanted to look at, and had been planning on getting it delivered anyway, so we just took notes, worked out the details for later ordering, grabbed a new bathroom bin, and made it out with seconds to spare.

We then got the bus back into town (from the closer stop, requiring much less standing in the cold), and dropped into the Auld Hoose, where I picked up both the rucksack and the scarf (either I'd thought to put the scarf in the rucksack or some kind other person had done so), and had a quick, relieved, drink.

Today has been much lazier. The biggest achievement has been going through my 420 tabs, sorting them into groups, and then converting the biggest two groups of tabs (web dev stuff, and "to read" into bookmarks). Which took a couple of hours, but means that Firefox is currently taking up a couple of hundred MB rather than nearly a Gig.

Oh, and our dishwasher is broken. Which is annoying. Thankfully, still within warranty.

Next up - food!

[1]"The Royal Dick", named after the vetinary school whose site it now occupies as part of Summerhall.
[2] The aforementioned "Summerhall".
[3] Very.

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