January 27th, 2015


I need to know who you think should be in the TV debates (and what you think of electronic voting)

Who should be involved in the TV debates?

People who might be Prime Minister (Con+Lab)
People who might be Prime Minister or Deputy (Con+Lab+SNP+Lib-Dem+UKIP)
Parties which might be involved in a coalition (Con+Lab+SNP+Lib-Dem+UKIP+Green+Plaid+DUP)
Anyone with an MP (Con+Lab+SNP+Lib-Dem+Green+UKIP+Plaid+DUP+Sinn Féin+SDLP+Alliance)
Parties which are standing in the majority of the UK (Con+Lab+Lib-Dem+UKIP+Green)

Voting over the internet


(Context: Cameron trying to ensure that nobody gets more than 45 seconds to talk at the debates)

Oh, and for the second question, I was very tempted to just put in the BAD option, but I thought I'd let people have the other option. Just in case I knew anyone that wrong. (Context)

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HP Spoilers

Business Ideas I'd like to see: Order in Advance

Say, for the sake of example that it's my brother's birthday in March. And that I've found him the perfect gift on Amazon, which I intend to have delivered directly to him*.

There's no way that I can say "Post this on the 28th of February".

And that seems like a _really_ obvious business idea. Not just because it's useful to me as a customer, but because it would allow Amazon to manage their inventory better. If I could order Christmas presents to be sent in time for Christmas, then Amazon could work out what their Christmas volumes were likely to be, and ensure that they had packing and delivery capacity lined up in order to ensure that gifts got there in time.

So, anyone got an email address for Jeff Bezos?

*Because sending it to me so that I can wrap it and post on to him would be ridiculous.

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