January 24th, 2015


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House with a silly face

There should be an app for that: restaurant edition

1) I know that some pub chains are looking into apps that will allow you to order food/drinks to your table, which would then free up some of their bar staff (or, presumably, allow them to get by with less of them)
2) Pretty much every time I'm in a restaurant with a large group of people, the waiter arrives with food and stands there going "Haddock? Haddock? Whose is the haddock? Did someone at this table order haddock?" until eventually someone deep in conversation realises that their haddock has arrived.
3) Pretty much every time that I go to a restaurant and we don't split the bill equally, we end up spending ages going over the bill, working out who ordered what, forgetting who had which starters, or drinks before other people arrived, adding on tips for everyone, etc.

This leads me to think that one of the vital bits of functionality for a restaurant/ordering application is the ability to say who ordered what.

That way:
A) When the food arrives, the waiter can say "Haddock for Bob. Which of you talkative scumbags is Bob?"
B) At the end of the meal, the app can tell everyone exactly what they owe, avoiding the situation where everyone denies having ordered that bottle of Red that's sitting there on the bill.

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