December 2nd, 2014


Interesting Links for 02-12-2014

Mouse in the bath

I seem to be detecting a pattern

Four different people have posted to LJ over the last couple of days, for the first time in aaaages. All of them talking about how Facebook doesn't feel safe, and with a mixture of "The people on LJ are more like friends" and "The way that discussions work on LJ feels safer and more considered than FB."

Which makes me rather happy.

This may be a blip, on the long downward trend, but actually there's still a fair bit of activity on my friends list, and Livejournal definitely sees more long-form writing than FB ever has - which is what I generally prefer.

OTOH, stevegreen is using LJ for FB (and even Twitter)-sized chunks of text, and it seems to be working very well for him.

Which also makes me happy.

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