November 29th, 2014


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Hold Me, Says Tom

Not quite the perfect start to the holidays

As of yesterday at 5pm I am on holiday!

This started with the work Christmas Party, which I wore the most hideous outfit imaginable to. Julie spotted it last week in a catalogue and I instantly knew I had to have it. I ordered it on Sunday, and was very grateful that it arrived on Thursday!

(That's a t-shirt by the way. It just looks like the world's worst christmas tie, shirt and cardigan. I got several compliments on my excellent bad taste.)

It was fine, as work parties go. I was fairly exhausted from a rushed week of Getting Things Done before my week off - end of year reviews, supporting three sets of applications going out to users, and migrating all of our continuous integration servers off of Windows Server 2003 onto Windows Server 2012. This combination went...not quite smoothly, although we did end up managing to put the whole thing live at around 5:15 yesterday, just in time for me to cross half of Edinburgh to the Botanic Gardens, where the party was.

The site was rather nice - a recently constructed building that I hadn't seen since it went up, with plenty of space for a ceilidh band, buffet, verandah looking out over the gardens themselves, etc. I lasted about two hours of conversation before leaving people to it - I was far too wired and tired to really manage more than that.

Which has been a bit of a theme recently. I really enjoy seeing people for about an hour, kinda enjoy the company for another hour, and then I itch all over and want to go hide at home. So I do. One of these days my stress levels will drop again and I'll go back to being more social!

In any case, I was up reasonably early this morning to dial* in to my desktop at work, and discover that while 95% of the overnight builds had run just fine, there were a few glitches, so I spoke to my partner in crime, jumped on a bus, and spent five hours fixing all of the remaining issues - mostly configuration of inidividual applications, configuration of the jobs that run them, or incorrect installation of the applications they depend on to compile/test/security scan. It's amazing how many little changes there have been in Windows over the last ten years, particularly around security and switching to 64-bit.

I then came home, had a late lunch, proof-read some of Julie's PhD, and discussed the structure of her Systematic Review with her. In fifteen minutes I will head over to my brother Hugh's to nephew-sit while he goes out to _his_ office party.

Tomorrow, I might get to actually relax!

*There's a word that's now massively divorced from its origins.

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