November 17th, 2014


Interesting Links for 17-11-2014


I find the TV business occasionally fascinating

There's a US TV series called Longmire. I'd never heard of it, despite it having Katee Sackhoff in it, and it having both six million viewers and great reviews.

And, indeed, it got cancelled, despite having six million viewers - because those six million viewers are, frankly, old.

You'd think that, what with the older generations having more disposable income, this would be a good reason to keep the show running and sell adverts for whatever it is older people buy with their savings. But, no, apparently if you're not advertising to 20-year-olds you might as well not exist.

Apparently the show's owners are in talks with Netflix, because Netflix would be delighted to have a few million extra subscribers.

And frankly, that sounds like a great direction for TV. You pay money to people who make TV that's good enough to keep you paying money for it.

(I'm reminded of the cancellation of Sym-Bionic Titan, which pulled in the kids, got great reviews, and was then cancelled because it didn't produce enough associated toys.)

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