September 9th, 2014


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Edinburgh is awfully pretty sometimes

Julie and I went to counselling at the Maggie's Centre this evening*, and then got the bus back into town and had dinner together at The Huxley. Julie had long fancied the look of The Huxley:

and the inside was kinda nice, if...odd, with the various decor design choices not going with each other at all. And the food was, well, mediocre**, and served in plastic baskets with paper in them which dissolved after ten minutes with salad/mayo touching it.

However, it was still nice to go for a nice meal out, and then wander through town on a rather nice evening. Scotland tends to have a nice June/July, a largely wet August, and then turn out nice again come September***. And this evening felt like a cool mediterranean evening as we wandered down Princes Street, enjoying three sets of buskers (the middle trio of which played Wish You Were Here, only with bagpipes instead of lead guitar), and had a lovely view of the moon:

We then wandered around Regent's Road as it got progressively darker, pausing only to pick up some amazing Salted Caramel ice-cream for Julie from the Italian place on the corner of Leith Street, wandered around most of the base of Calton Hill, and then got a bus for the last bit when her energy wore out.

The whole evening was delightful, and reminded me of the olden days, when we'd frequently go out and Do Stuff together. I actually feel calm and happy for the first time in weeks. I may even sleep well :->

*Have I mentioned how awesome the building is? Each Maggie's Centre is designed by a different architect, working for free on the grounds that they get to design something awesome without massive oversight. I really need to buy the book for someone so I can spend an hour looking through it.
**Julie went for a Chicken Tikka burger, which came with poppadum flakes and mango chutney in it. Except the mango chutney wasn't that nice, and the bun was a brioche. Who serves Indian food in a brioche?
***They really ought to move the Festival.

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