September 4th, 2014

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I have played (almost) no games beginning with the letter N

We were challenged, on Facebook, to share boardgames we loved, with the extra twist being a randomly assigned letter.

I was assigned "N", and immediately went from "This will be fun" to "Good Lord, I have no idea!"

So I dropped over to BoardGameGeek and went through all 1600 entries beginning with "N" (pages 429 to 445 if you're interested.

And discovered that I had not played the N'Sync boardgame, the full page of games about Napoleon, Narnia Risk Junior, the page of Naval games, Necromunda (although I have several friends who have), Netrunner, The New And Fashionable Game of The Jew, or the New Kids on The Block game.

And then, thankfully, came to Nightfall. Which was a fun deck-building game I spent playing in the pub with bracknellexile and various others one Sunday afternoon. It wasn't the most amazing game ever, but I did enjoy it, and would happily play it again. Easy to pick up, and I was already formulating strategies by the third time I played it, which was nice.

(I finished going through the list, for completeness sake, and found no other "N" games that I'd ever played. I'm glad there was one!)

If you'd like to have a letter then leave a comment and I'll assign you one.

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Interesting Links for 04-09-2014

Read Watchmen Books

Have a happy elephant

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Other than happy elephants, this evening has largely consisted of helping Julie with PhD organisation, watching TNG, and eating Indian food. Saw a dietician two days ago (after my GP referred me), and am starting on a proper FODMAP-free diet for eight weeks, so the last two days have included a variety of foods wot I should not eat. And thus too much time involved in activities of a TMI nature. I am now actively craving things I was bored of a couple of days ago. This is probably good.

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