June 16th, 2014


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Soccer Archery

So, is it safe for me to read A Storm of Swords yet?

Two years ago, I finished watching Season two of Game of Thrones, and promptly read A Clash of Kings.

Season 3 only covered about half of A Storm of Swords (handy diagram here), but sadly I can't find a version that's been brought up to date, so it's hard to tell if I'll be getting ahead by reading the third book now.

So, how much of ASoS hasn't yet been covered? One chapter? Two? Or have we finished it?

(Zero points will be awarded for people telling me to read the book before the TV series has caught up.)

Ok, looks like I either need to not read it, or read it and stop seven chapters short of the end.

Having all of the self-control of a rat on crack, I shall leave it until next year. Unless someone wants to edit together an ePub of the book without those chapters and email it to me :->

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