March 16th, 2014


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Why isn't online money making a solved problem yet?

I've been working my way through LARP Trek, and it makes me giggle on a regular basis.

So I was feeling a little guilty about the fact that I block ads from it, because that's the only source of revenue the site had.

So I turned Adblock off for that site. And instantly discovered that the two ads it had were an animated strip across the top and an animated strip down the side.

Now, I'm willing to put up with text-based ads. I'm even willing to put up with static image ads. But when it comes to distracting moving pictures that constantly draw my gaze away from what I'm trying to read? Sorry, you've just made your site unusable to me.

So back on goes ABP, and bang goes any chance of the site making any cash out of my visits. Which is a shame, but I assume they've done the maths and decided they make more money that way.

If only there was a nice standardised system for getting tiny quantities of cash from me to someone else on the internet. That'd be awesome.

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