November 2nd, 2013


It's been a while

For the first time since 2006 I have a new comic. That was the year that Lucifer finished, and that was the last comic I felt the urge to read on a monthly basis.*

For the first time since _1996_ I have a new Sandman** comic. Thanks to Page 45 and their subscription service it arrived ten minutes ago.

I swithered back and forth about this. I've been existing on trade paperbacks for seven years, perfectly happy to pick things up in collected form once they were readable as slabs of content that fit nicely on shelves, rather than tiny portions that end up easily lost and damaged. I love The Unwritten***, but I never even considered picking up the individual issues.

But it's Sandman. And for the first time in several years I'm too excited to wait for a year for the collection to appear.****

*If you have _any_ affection for mythology, good story-telling, and interesting characters, then you should pick up the Lucifer collections. DC are currently re-releasing them in collections of 16-ish issues per book, and volumes 1 and 2 are out now.
**To be precise, Sandman:Overture, telling the story of where He was before the opening of the first issue, when he was first summoned, and trapped.
***A really nice take on the idea of stories, myth and power - taking as it's base a cross between Harry Potter and Christopher Robin, who was forever unhappy that his father had made him famous by immortalising "his" childhood, and using it to tell everything from adventure stories to meditations on the power of story to change civilisation.
****And also too excited to read it without coming in here and telling you all about it first

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