October 21st, 2013


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I need to know what you think about periods and infidelity

Taking this as your context.

The period in the linked post

is far worse than mine. Heck, I barely notice mine at all.
Worse than mine.
About the same as mine.
Better than mine.
Sounds like a cakewalk compared to mine. Owwwwww.
I do not get periods, but do enjoy clicking on things.

You discover that the partner of a friend is having an affair

Tell them.
Don't tell them.

(Because that post caused a wide variety of discussion on FB, and elsewhere, with some people saying "Yes, periods are just like that.", some saying "She should see a doctor, there's something seriously wrong there." and everything in-between. And so I am curious - at least partially because it suddenly became obvious that many women don't talk about this, otherwise they'd know about the breadth of experience out there.)

Why doesn't more TV have sensible characters?

We've been watching TNG recently (currently midway through Season 4), and I've been struck by something that seems near-unique to it. All of the main characters are decent, reasonable, nice people, trying to do their best to make the world a better place.

Sure, they make mistakes, and they have occasional issues over things. They occasionally disagree about the best way to proceed. But fundamentally it's about adult people behaving well while trying to solve problems. And it's _lovely_.

I mean, I loved watching BSG, where fucked up people made messed up decisions on a regular basis. I loved watching flawed characters being "realistic". But so many dramas nowadays seem to be all about the flawed people fucking up their lives that it's become rather wearing. The sheer level of cynicism weighs me down sometimes.

Are there any shows out there right now in this mould? What should I be tracking down?

Oh - this was finally triggered by this:

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Somebody Make This Happen #553: Table coupons in bars

I frequently wish that I could, in a bar, buy a coupon that has on it, written in tiny print "I do not want to drink alcohol this evening. And if I drink caffeine this close to bed I'll sleep badly. And I can't do sugary drinks. So all I can really drink is water. However, I fully respect the fact that I am making use of your establishment to hang out with my friends, and that providing this is not free for you."

I'd pay a couple of pounds for one, and buy a new one every hour or so, without thinking twice.

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