January 7th, 2013


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Adventures in slow cookery

We have a slow cooker, which hasn't seen much usage in a while. And then Julie got the urge to dig it out and try a few things.

1) Beef casserole. Which was delicious, but I'm not convinced it was any nicer than casserole cooked in the oven (which also takes a few hours).
2) Lasagne. Well, the mince was done overnight in the slow cooker. And turned into slurry, which was basically inedible, even when sandwiched between pasta sheets.
3) A whole chicken. Which was _amazing_. Julie put it in at 9am, it came out at 7pm, and I had to get two giant cooking spoons to get it out of the cooker because it was literally falling apart on me. The whole thing peeled apart really easily, producing some of the softest, moistest, deliciousest chicken I've ever had. We will be doing this again! (Helped along by potatoes, carrots, peas, brocolli,parsnips, and some gluten-free stuffing.)

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