December 21st, 2012


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In retrospect I should have shaved _before_ showering

Julie having left for Christmas, I ordered in gluten-free pizza, collapsed into bed terribly early last night (like, 8:30), spent the evening faffing, slept in until 10:30, and got out of bed after midday today.

And then shaved my beard off. Because I intermittently forget what I look like under there, and this way I can take a look, surprise my parents, and still have some of it grown back by the next time I see Julie (so she remembers who I am!)

Had I been thinking slightly further ahead I'd have taken a before/after photo (with obligatory mid-way points of "just the moustache" and "The Hitler").

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A somewhat expected journey

I checked my flight details this morning, and was slightly surprised to discover I was travelling via Manchester. I assume I knew this when I booked the flights a couple of months ago, but it had long since slipped my mind. I assume that at some point Flybe decided that it wasn't worth running multiple direct flights per day from Edinburgh to Exeter, but checking now it looks like they only do one a day, with the others stopping off elsewhere. I assume that less people are flying in the current economic climate, which is definitely a good thing (I'd be doing the same if it wasn't about twice as long a trip that way, and 70% more expensive).

In any case, I spent the day tidying the flat somewhat so that we wouldn't come home to encrusted plates*, dashing into town to return a shower head**, and packing. I find packing moderately stressful, and to-do lists help a lot with that, so I added tasks to Workflowy and then ticked them off as I got them done. This didn't entirely help though, and I was left with my standard worry that I'd forgotten something vital as I left the flat. Nothing obvious has occurred to me so far though!

I made it to Edinburgh in plenty of time, particularly as my flight was delayed by twenty minutes - worrying when I'm headed for a connecting flight. There being not much I could do about that I picked up my traditional airplane reading***, let my parents know, and waited.

Happily, I arrived in Manchester to discover my onewards flight was delayed. Unhappily, by two hours. Thankfully, I always take my laptop in my rucksack, rather than sticking in the suitcase, and so I can pay £5 for two hours of wifi and let you all know what I'm doing. I hope you're all grateful.

The laptop****, by the way, is working out very nicely. It's near silent, the keyboard is comfortable, and it runs all of the things I want on a laptop. I've installed an IDE onto it, in the hope that I might get the chance over Christmas to spend some time working on version two of the feedposter. Fingers crossed that I don't have to spend _all_ of my time playing fetch with the dogs or board games with the family!

*A task I was moderately successful at, managing to clear all of the kitchen surfaces of cutlery, crockery and miscellaneous cooking utensils. Sadly, as I was congratulating myself and reaching for the phone to call a taxi, I found a hidden stack of plates. I did quickly make sure there was nothing moist hidden in them, so that I'm only having to deal with spot-welded rice rather than foot-high mushrooms.

**The shower-head came off in my hand a few days ago, leading to a fountain of water up into the air and loud protestations from Julie, who was brushing her teeth at the sink at the time. I got a new hose and head in John Lewis using some of the vouchers we got as a wedding gift, but discovered that it was just the hose we needed, so had to return the now extraneous head. On the plus side, I'd never changed a shower hose before, so I feel altogether more manly than I did last week.

***Edge magazine, pretty much the only computer games journalism I'm willing to pay money for. I can always tell when I'm flying more than I'd like if the issue in the airport shops is the same one I've already read. Mind you, I don't actually enjoy flying, so pretty much any flying is more than I'd like. Roll on Travel By Wire!

****Some people have questioned why a laptop, and a few people asked why one so large (It's a 15" screen) - and the answer is two-fold:
1)I've used netbooks, and I find that the amount of browsing space you get is teeny once you have a row of tabs (or, in my case, three rows), and a toolbar or two.
2)A keyboard. Because I want to be able to write posts like this (or code), and the thought of writing something this long on a touch-screen fills me with dread.
3)A proper sized keyboard that doesn't force my hands together.
3A) Julie and I can easily watch TV on it together in bed. We _can_ do that on a smaller screen, but it's much more comfortable with a 15" one.

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