November 22nd, 2012


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Semagic and Dreamwidth

I keep meaning to get the laptop set up so I can post to DW from it. And then wanting my semagic macros. And then forgetting. So here's a post written at the desktop that I can use when I'm over at my other computer. And tag so I can find it later!

First, how to set semagic up to post to Dreamwidth.

<user name=[lj0]>

Embedding videos and suchlike:

Making a block of text smaller
<span style="font-size:smaller">[lj0]</span>

(For those who are curious I have these set up to keyboard shortcuts, so I can type andrewducker, select it, hit Ctrl-Alt-U and get andrewducker automatically. This is basically why I like semagic - ctrl-alt-i for an image, ctrl-b for bold, etc. As a heavy keyboard user it's incredibly useful.)

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.