November 3rd, 2012


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This was me last night

When I went dancing at Midlife Crisis, where there was lots of 90s music, and I got to dance to Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Metallica, Utah Saints, and various other bands that I recognised in various amounts.

It was fun for the first two hours, and then we hit an hour long patch of "Guest DJ who wants to play stuff that nobody has heard of.", my enthusiasm wore off, and my chances of catching a bus home for free rather than paying for a taxi/walking home in negative temperatures started sounding better and better.

So I left at 11:50, didn't wake Julie up too much, and felt altogether better this morning, when we went shopping to pick up a new PSU for Julie's desktop (the old one having started to make a nasty grinding sound), and then on to meet with werejud, cairmen and a variety of other lovely people for lunch at The Compass.

This afternoon has been spent installing said PSU (all fine, except that one of the cables was shorter than the same cable on the old PSU, and fits by about 2mm), shifting stuff around the study, and playing Borderlands 2. Tis all good.

Tomorrow we have _nothing_ planned. Which sounds amazing right now.

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Zim Doom

Meanwhile, on Pandora

This arrived via email from octopoid_horror while I was neck-deep in varkids with Julie and theweaselking, who I have finally managed to play something multiplayer with, a couple of years after we added each other on Steam. Yes, I suck at organisation.

In any case, we're grateful for (a) fun shooting time and (b) theweaselking showing us where the Minecraft bit of Borderlands 2 is, which was pretty nifty.

We've spent lots of this evening rearranging 3/4 of the study. Tomorrow we can finish it off, but now it's definitely time to fall over and make snoring sounds.

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