October 27th, 2012


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Winter may be coming, but autumn is here (with a pretty picture)

The nights have been drawing in recently - we're reaching the time of year it's dark when I wake up, and dark when I leave work. The clocks go back tomorrow, and a week fromnow the sun will rise at half seven and set before half four. So today I took my winter coat in to be dry cleaned, so that I can put my autumn jacket into the cupboard for four-five months until the weather picks up again.

On Thursday I walked home from a day of training with cold wind blowing around me, and dark clouds running swifly across the sky. The leaves have gone from "turning slightly brown at the edges" to "Falling from the trees like something out of a movie." - during my walk home I saw a tunnel of wind sweep through a group of trees, pluck dozens of leaves (which were what made it visible) and then sweep them towards, up, and over a row of houses. It was damned impressive, and really brought home the change of the seasons.

On the plus side, it looks gorgeous out there:

(Taken by Real Edinburgh - who does lots of these shots. As well as a few amazing shots of the moon. If you have Facebook, and like photographs, then they're well worth following.)

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