April 20th, 2012


Interesting Links for 20-04-2012

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A maze, from which no person has yet escaped with their sanity intact
Actually, I quite like wandering around all the tiny bedrooms
I've never been in one.

Flat pack furniture

A fiendish puzzle, designed to drive its constructors to suicide
Kinda fun to put together
I'ev never put flat pack furniture together

Ikea meatballs

Mmmmmm, yes please.
I prefer the herring.
STFU says the doctor

I hate installers that download files as needed

Diablo III is currently doing an Open Beta weekend. And as Julie loved the first two, I figured it might be worth grabbing two copies to play with.

So I downloaded it, thinking that 44MB wasn't very much. And, as I suspected, the installer is now downloading 3.7GB of extra content.

Guess what - it'll have to do exactly the same thing again on Julie's machine. So rather than downloading the content once, it's going to download 7.4GB.

I don't know who thought this would be a good idea, but it really wasn't...


It is smarter than it looks. I started the download on Julie's machine half an hour after the download on my machine, it quickly ramped up to 5MB/s (which is significantly faster than my broadband is this week), and slurped it down from my machine via the wonders of P2P.

I take it back, Blizzard coders, you are smarter than you look!

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swirly ball of doom!

I wish people wouldn't take advantage of dodgy statistics

Look, I don't like The Conservatives any more than you do, but if you* publish a graph like this:

and expect me to not notice that the x-axis doesn't start at zero, then frankly you're just lying to people through misuse of statistics.

Thankfully, the lovely people at Full Fact put together a graph that shows this one in context:

I have no interest in winning through fraud. I would like everyone to have the truth, and make their own mind about it. Sure, put your own interpretation on things, but if you're trying to win through fraud then we are not on the same side at all.

*In this case Liberal Conspiracy, who I like to keep tabs on, but frequently get very annoyed by, largely due to their levels of ignorance and their dogmatic approach to things.

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