March 26th, 2012


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sleeping doggy

Holiday preparations checklist

Checked shorts still fit*: Check
Four t-shirts, 8 socks, 4 pairs** of boxers, one jumper, and one pair of trousers in suitcase: Check
The remaining episodes of Lost Girl and Once Upon A Time dumped onto my laptop, along with the two-part season opener of Mad Men: Check
Realise that that's never enough TV for a week, and copy episodes 4-12 of season one of Burn Notice as well: Check
Toothbrush, hairbrush, etc: Check
Mad moment of panic about train tickets which turned out to be in the safe place you'd expect: Check
Updating LJ/DW rather than packing: Check
Worrying what I've forgotten: Check

Oh - what should I read while I'm away? I'm 38% of the way through The Kingdom Of Gods, and could do with something to follow it up with. Suggestions?

*It's summer temperatures outside. Well, summer for Edinburgh. A nice spring day in civilised parts of the world.
**Why, exactly, are they _pairs_ of boxer shorts? There's only one of each. Same with trousers.

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