March 5th, 2012


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That would be a political question

Taking for (vague) definitions:
A democratic system increases the amount that the will of the people matters.
An effective system is one that puts smart/informed in charge to make things happen.
A system that maximises freedom enshrines certain rights so that they can't be changed even if the people don't like them.

Which would you prefer the system to prioritise?

I would prefer my political system to maximise


At the moment we in the UK obviously have a hotch-potch. Representative democracy means that we elect (theoretically) informed people to one chamber to carry out our wishes, within a framework laid down by human rights legislation. And we also appoint people to a second chamber to make sure the first lot are doing their job well. Given that the democracy for the house of commons is demonstrably rubbish, and the democracy in the House Of Lords is basically lacking, our system clearly priorities effectiveness over democracy, with a side-order of whining that we're forced to obey any human rights legislation at all.