January 4th, 2012


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Stupid Voting Systems - Caucus Edition

It occurs to me, looking at this image of the voting for Republican Presidential Candidate

that they really, really need a better voting system.

Beause the aim of the Caucuses is to get a candidate that The Republican Party can stand behind, and so far what they've got is a candidate that less than 25% are willing to definitively vote for.

Using AV you'd know whether the Gingrich voters would all move to Romney, or if they'd rather split off to Ron Paul and put him in the lead. Is the vote going to split 50% "Romney", 50% "Anyone but Romney", or is it nearer 25%/75%? Would a load more people really have vote for Huntsman, if only they hadn't thought he was doomed?

What you've got is a lot of money being spent and a lot of energy being expended, all for information that's not at all clear. Thank goodness that this time around it's only the Republicans that are doing it.

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