December 30th, 2011


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Evil Pizza

High-Street Blues

I was reading Charlie Stross' post on the impending collapse of the doomed High Street and it reminded me of the ridiculous situation I had buying a PS3 controller just before Christmas.

I wanted a new one, because we only have one, and Little Big Planet looks like it will be fun two-player. So I looked around, discovered that they were £50 in-store in Game, £45 in Amazon, but only £40 in the Game online store. A bit silly, I thought, having to buy it online from the same company, but I ordered it from Game and discovered that they would deliver it to the local store for me. Fantastic, I thought - I can order online and then just drop in and pick it up!

Except that it really _was_ a delivery service, where you have to wait for them to post out a controller to your local shop that's exactly the same as the ones that are already in-store, and then go in and queue along with everyone else, and then the harrassed staff go and root through the back room until they find the parcel that was sent through. Pretty much the opposite of joined-up thinking.

Today, of course, Amazon has it for £5 cheaper than that again, at only £35. And Julie's been ill since she got back, so we haven't actually managed to use it yet anyway.

There's a lesson there somewhere, but I can't quite work out what it is...

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