December 29th, 2011


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My internet is rubbish, and I love it

My parent's internet, on the back of a lane, in the middle of nowheresville, Devon, is 1.5Mbit when the wind is in the right direction. It was slightly painful to use at times when I was visiting, but mostly when my Dad's new Windows install was sucking down wodges of updates from Windows Update.

My internet at home is outmoded. You can't actually buy my current speed (20Mbit) on Virgin any more, and every so often they try to upsell me to the 30Mbit connection instead. But as I'm currently connected to work on a Citrix connection, downloading a game from Steam, just watched a couple of trailers, and Julie was catching up with Eastenders on iPlayer on her PC until a few minutes ago, without any hitches at all, I think I'll live for the moment.

I'm sure something will come along in a few months to tempt me to upgrade to the 50MB or 100MB offerings, but right now I can't think of a single good reason to.

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Music Streaming Tech Advice Please!

If I wanted a box I could stick in my kitchen that would stream music from any DLNA-compliant server, what would the best option be?

Must be all-in-one (nothing that needs added speakers), and have a reasonably simple interface.

My searches are showing up all sorts of things that plug into TVs, but no collection of things that are entirely stand alone. You'd think that "Stream your music to the kitchen" would be a selling point...

Note: I'm not looking for "Spend a large wodge of cash on Sonos" here. I'd like something standards compliant that will hook into my existing standards-compliant infrastructure.

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