December 28th, 2011

Needs More Robots

Today I spent some time making changes, to no avail (Pinboard and Dreamwidth edition)

First, I decided to finally transition over my links to Pinboard, as I'm fed up with Delicious timing out on a regular basis, having maintenance windows that last four times as long as they say, doing redesigns, and generally behaving like Livejournal.

The transition went fine, Pinboard worked faster, and seems pretty smooth. And then I discovered that their autocomplete only works with your most popular thousand tags. As I have 3,541 tags this is less than useful. Sure, the most popular ones will be there, but the first link was about Margaret Thatcher, and it turns out that I've linked a story about her precisely once before - so the tag "margaretthatcher" isn't going to be one of the most popular ones. So that knocks _them_ out of the running, which was completely unexpected. Anyone got any alternate suggestions?

My other project for the day, following LJ's inability to read RSS feeds recently, was to transition my comics filter over to DW, as their RSS reading is working just fine. This took me about an hour, as the import doesn't seem to pick up RSS feeds. And then, once it was done, I discovered that you can't make reading filters public on DW in the same way you can make flists public on LJ. So while you can happily read you can't read - which would be fine if I didn't know of a few people that read my comics filter. So I lodged a support request, but that's not going to get a speedy resolution


And now it's time to put down the internet, tidy the flat, do some shopping, and then head to the airport to meet Julie.

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Very nice visualisation of the weather forecast

I was checking the weather, and discovered that my new favourite weather site now has an awesome visualisation for the next 24 hours:

Click on the image for more detail, and numerous options.

The bottom line is wind speed. And the only thing I've had to get used to is that the wind-speed is in m/s, which you have to multiply by 2.2 to get in mph. Each fletch on the arrow is 5m/s, a half-fletch for 1-4). So if you look at 6pm it shows that it's going to be 17m/s, or 40mph-ish about the time that Julie's flight lands. I hope they can cope with that ok...

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