December 25th, 2011

Dr Who

Christmas Thoughts: In which I am sickened by Christmas

Last night, at about 10pm, midway through my first ever game of Age Of Steam* I was suddenly struck down by a particularly unpleasant stomach bug. I had, at first, assumed that I'd simply stuffed myself full of Too Much Turkey, but my stomach turned out to be significantly less happy than that. Fortunately, my father is a doctor, so he was able to go to his supremely well-stocked collection of pills and find me some Lomotil so that I could leave the bathroom and continue playing the game. However, about 20 minutes later I was feeling uncomfortable in the presence of bright lights, unable to think straight, and generally wanting to go for a lie down in a darkened room. So I abandoned the game mid-session**, staggered upstairs, couldn't even face the idea of surfing the internet in bed*** and passed out in short order.

I awoke at 2:30am feeling horribly nauseous - my head was spinning in all directions. I tried rearranging myself to be more vertical, more horizontal, and a variety of positions in-between, all to no avail****. Eventually, about half an hour later I bit the bullet and woke Dad up and he gave me some Stugeron, and half an hour later I fell back asleep again.

The rest of the day until 6pm has been spent waking up for short periods, staring into space, and then falling back asleep fifteen minutes later. My body had clearly decided that I wasn't fit to look after it, and was therefore going to render itself insensible and work on fixing itself while I was blacked out. I did manage to fit in a brief conversation with Julie*****, but other than that today has been a complete write-off.

At 6pm I woke up feeling actively happy - my body still feels like it has been put through a wringer twice, and I am wary of standing up to go to the bathroom, nor do I feel like attempting food would be at all wise, but I feel awake for the first time in 17 hours, I can manage to have the laptop on without feeling overwhelmed by its light, and I don't feel like I'm about to throw up. I am counting all of these as significant steps forward. If this continues I will actually feel like a human being tomorrow.

I hope that you are having significantly more merry Christmases than I am, and if not then I hope that the forthcoming year is a definite improvement!

*I've played the Railroad Tycoon boardgame, which is clearly based on the same ruleset, but Age Of Steam is much tougher on players, and somewhat simpler/purer in its ruleset.
**Which is a clear sign of how awful I was feeling. Abandoning a multiplayer game is letting down the remaining players, and makes me feel like a Bad Person.
***I know! WTF?
****I'm very glad that Julie wasn't there, as this would have woken up constantly.
*****Having a pretty awful time in NI.

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Christmas Thoughts: And one the 23rd hour he rose

I don't tend to have very Christmassy feelings about Christmas Day itself, what with the celebrations being the day before, and the 25th historically being a day for tidying up the chaos of all 22 members of the family visiting*. But I can honestly say that today is the _least_ Christmassy I have ever felt on Christmas Day.

On the plus side, I've had a few visits from Hugh and Meredith asking if they can bring me anything, and I do feel well looked after. And I now feel well enough to venture downstairs, find out what's been going on in the world, and possibly try and eat something small.**

*They would, of course, spend the 25th with the family of the various wives.
**And not ask about Dr Who. I'll be watching that with Julie back in Edinburgh. A Christmas tradition of our own!

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