December 10th, 2011


Interesting Links for 10-12-2011

Kitten Stalking

Catching Up With Awesomeness (a tab dump)

The LJ DDOS is clearly back under control, because they're updating the RSS feeds again*

My "comics"feed went back to skip 100, My Synpeople feed went back to skip 80, and I now have 37 new tabs waiting to be read, opened from all of that backlog.

So you get a selection of awesome stuff from those tabs. Lucky you!

This aptly describes my Christmas shopping experience:
Holiday Shopping

I have had this conversation:
If we can just get this crinkled mess into the Large Hadron Collider WE WILL NEVER HAVE TO BUY TOOTHPASTE AGAIN

And here is a video of impressive juggling from the thread on Whatever about the awesome pole dancer video I posted a few days ago:

*No, I am not going to stop using LJ as a feed-reader. I use Google Reader (With FeedDemon on desktop and gReader Pro on Android) to read RSS for a lot of things, but anything that's nsfw, or tends towards longer articles I stick on LJ so that I can read it at home. So that's where all my webcomics go.

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