December 5th, 2011


Interesting Links for 05-12-2011


I found today's devolution poll fascinating

The poll showed asked people how they would vote if an independent Scotland was shown to make them £500 better off per year, £500 worse off per year, or not cause a change. The results were:

£500 better off: 65% for independence; 25% against
£500 worse off: 21% for independence; 66% against
If not changed: 46% for independence; 32% against

Which I find fascinating because it indicates that 21% are in favour of Independence irrespective of the monetary effect*, 25% are against it, and 54% don't care who runs their country so long as they get a grand in their pocket.

It looks very much like the outcome of the referendum will depend on how convincingly the Unionists can scaremonger that Independence will cause economic disaster, and how convincingly the Seperationists can sell the story that Independence will make us all as well off as Norway.

*Obviously the £500 will mean more to people with less money than it does to rich people. I'd love to know how the effect size varied depending on the income of the respondent.
BBC story here, based on the study here.

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