November 21st, 2011


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Four years makes a post

I can't believe that it's been four years since I took Julie out for a nepalese meal, then to the pub, and then walked her most of the way home even though it was after midnight.

And that for two of those years we've been living together. And that we're getting married in less than nine months.

We went out for a meal last Saturday*, to the original place we had that first meal and it was lovely.

We also went to see We Need To Talk About Kevin, which was as grim, miserable, funny and brilliant as the book. Julie bounced off the book through hatred of the narrator, but enjoyed the movie, except for feeling that it was a bit over-long, and that the people behind her could have done with not wearing a gallon of perfume.**

Life's been generally quite quiet recently. Julie's churned out about 25,000 words for her PhD through lots of late nights (until 10pm), we're now working through the DLC for Borderlands (ninja robots FTW), and I've been pottering along on my link-feeding web-app.

I've been trying to keep more space in my life, which has been good. This last weekend had nothing at all in it, which was glorious. I left the flat for about 45 minutes on Sunday to buy groceries, and the rest passed in a haze of not very much. I actually felt recharged by the end of it. I then ruined it by taking until nearly 1am to fall asleep, sleeping badly and being appallingly tired at work today, but one can't have everything.

Oh, and some game playing, including a Saturday at my brother's where I thoroughly enjoyed the Warhammer board game "Chaos in the Old World", which works very well at providing different victory conditions for each of the players, and this evening playing Mansions of Madness with bracknellexile and Alex whose LJ name I have forgotten (if he has one), but whose birthday it was. MoM is also good fun, with a nicely variable plot, but plays a little slowly with three players. Good fun with five though.

And that's quite enough incoherent rambling for one evening. I have the fifth volume of Absolute Sandman to read, and I've never seen the P. Craig Russell adaptation of The Dream Hunters before. Tucking myself up in bed with it sounds like one of those "good plan" things I've heard so much about.

*Okay, the 12th, I've not been in a life journalling mood recently, so this has been sitting half-written on my PC for over a week
**One of the many things that Julie and I have in common is a loathing of perfume. Even simple aftershave or scented deodorant makes my eyes itch and smells awful to both of us (as well as setting off Julie's asthma). I'm not sure what it is about it, but there's something acrid in there that most people don't seem to be sensitive to.

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