September 15th, 2011


Fun and games at the dentist

So I went in for a dental checkup. I've been having a flare-up at the back lower-left, and it was time for a checkup anyway (ok, about two months ago). I get occasional inflammation there, particularly when I've been grinding my teeth (the joys of stress).

He took one look, and immediately took some x-rays. Which is a much faster process nowadays - pop a metal thing in my mouth, point the camera at me, pop out of the room while the shot happens, and it was up on a monitor within three minutes (which he spent checking everywhere else).

And it seems I have an abcess forming beneath one of my troublesome teeth. A tooth that's only 2/3 there anyway, because of my previous trouble with my wisdom teeth*. And when he showed me the x-ray I could see the previous attempt at a root canal (from about 15 years ago) which only went halfway down the sodding tooth. A complete botch job (I said so out loud, the dentist said he couldn't possibly comment).

So now I need to have a proper root canal in two weeks time. I've booked the day off work, but it's going to cost me about £80, and it really isn't a lot of fun.


*They came through at right angles. Literally. Which pushed the teeth in front of them together, causing a pile-up in my mouth. All of my teeth are in good condition, apart from the four in the pile-up.

Dentistry Poll-ish

My dentistry

is paid for by the glorious socialist utopia in which I reside
is partially paid for by the not-quite-so-glorious sem-socialist mediocrity in which I reside
would be partially paid for by my benevolent government masters, but there are only private dentists in my area
I do not live in a glorious socialist democracy, and thus must pay for dentistry myself
Are you kidding? I can't afford a dentist! What do you think I am, a billionaire?

Clearly there is a missing "i" in the second option.

Interesting Links for 15-9-2011



I caught the number 10 bus home.

Which sounds like the dullest of the dull thing I could post on my journal.

Except that the number 10 route has Edinburgh's new Eco-buses on it. Which, rather than having a petrol engine, are electric, with a diesel engine constantly purring away to charge the battery, plus regenerative braking to add to their efficiency.

Their electric drive-train meant that the ride felt smoother, and the engines are a _lot_ quieter. I could hear the engines of other buses on the road over the noise of the bus I was in.

In addition they have the same video screens the airport bus has, which show you the next few stops, and what other buses you can catch on them:


Oh, and it has free WiFi.

If you want something more exciting than _that_ then you're going to have to go for an entirely different approach to commuting:

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