September 10th, 2011


Interesting Links for 9-9-2011


If This Then That

I'm having a lot of fun playing with ifttt, which is an incredibly neat web tool for carrying out simple tasks.

I just transferred over duties for posting my Delicious links to Twitter to it. And it took me about thirty seconds to pick "Delicious" off of the inputs, "Twitter" off of the outputs, and choose "Title" and "URL" from the available bits of data to transfer. And I ended up with this:

(click to embiggen)

It's on closed beta at the moment (hawkida got me an invite to see if it would help with my Delicious->LJ postings, which it doesn't quite deal with yet, but I've sent them some feedback on things I'd like to see.) - if you'd like an invite then ask away, I have a couple going spare.

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The Hair!

The view on the way to the hairdressers

Today we went into town, and saw this:
Police at the rally

I had completely forgotten that today was the day that the Scottish Defense League were holding their not-a-march*, and thus the day that the anti-fascists would also be cluttering up the centre of town, and thus the day that there would be police everywhere and the buses would be taking three times as long to get anywhere.

But we managed to get breakfast in town (mmm, fried breakfast with haggis), buy me some new shoes**, pick up some food from Tesco (makes a nice change from the selection at Sainsbury), and I got my hair cut at Julie's hairdresser's***.

Food now in the oven, to be matched with an episode of Castle****, and then some flat tidying.

Tomorrow, there may be fun :->

*Having been told they couldn't have a march they decided to have a stand-still. You can click on the picture for more details.
**It's an endless source of frustration for Julie that I can walk into a shoe shop and come out within five minutes with a new pair.
***Julie's trying out different ideas on my hair to see what's going to suit me best for the wedding. She thinks that my hair looks best three months after the cut it just had - so I have a note in my calendar for mid-December to see how it looks.
****We're halfway through season three. It's very silly, terribly predictable, and great fun. Not sure what we're going to replace it with when we catch up.

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Interesting Links for 10-9-2011


Reviewing Dr Who

The bestest thing about the internet is that I don't actually have to review Doctor Who, because better writers have already done it for me.

So I can simply point you at the Millenium Elephant's review of Let's Kill Hitler and Night Terrors, and strange_complex's review of The Girl Who Waited.

My summary reviews of which would be: "Great fun, and finally got some bloody explanations in place", "Some nice atmosphere wasted on a complete mess of a story" and "Gosh that was a lot of fun, but the middle sagged a lot."

(Spoilers in the comments, I'd imagine)

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