September 5th, 2011


Two things about posting

1) If you have the delicious blog poster running, and have been wondering how to stop it posting repeatedly on your journal, then sadly the answer is to change your journal password, because something is badly fucked over there, and they aren't responding to bug reports or forum postings. Whoever is in the process of taking it over from Yahoo is utterly incompetent by the looks of things. I'll be triggering a post by hand when I get back home tonight.

2) According to my poll from a few days back, one of the biggest reasons for people not posting is that they don't feel comfortable posting short things. For goodness sake, post them! And if goodness isn't good enough, post them for my sake! Don't feel you need a mega-epic of polished awesomeness to share, just tell us what's going on with you.

My update for the weekend mostly involved hacking with Google App Engine to get the first half of a program in place to allow posting from Delicious to Livejournal*, and going to the Edinburgh Festival Closing Fireworks with Julie, and a few lovely friends/family. Tonight Julie and I are off to meet a wedding photographer. Yay!

*This is taking longer than it would if I was just hacking something basic into place. If you want something for yourself and can handle Python then this will do it for you (courtesy of pw201). I'm trying to put something more general together that can handle multiple users in a useful manner. It'll probably take all week for me to ge the time together though, as I'm seeing people pretty much every evening this week.

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Interesting Links for 5-9-2011

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Posting from Delicious

If you were using the delicious blog reposter, and had to turn it off because it was constantly reposting then you can do something similar manually.

1) Download the Delicious Blog Rescue addon for Firefox.
1A) If it complains that it's not compatible with your version of Firefox then you'll also need the Firefox Addon Compatability Reporter, which allows you to turn back on addons that are disabled for not officially supporting the right version.
2) Set it up like so:

replacing the delicious Account username with your own, the LJ or DW username with your own, entering your own passwords for each, and replacing the XML-RPC URL with the lj.php version if you're posting to LJ rather than DW. Oh, and changing the time to the one you normally post at, if you normally post at a different time to me.
3) Click "Make Blog Post"

I'll be doing this in the evening until I get my alternative up and running properly, so the midday post will become an evening post.

Oh - important thing. For some reason the tool produces excess divs in the HTML. You'll need to find all the instances of <div class="delicious-extended"/> and remove them, or you will _really_ fuck up people's friends pages. If anyone can explain to me why empty divs would do this then I would be most appreciative.

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