August 24th, 2011


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I have a new NAS box. I am currently copying over the files from the old NAS box. They both have gigabit ethernet connections, but sadly the switch they are plugged into is only 100MBit.

I started off copying the files from Windows, using drag/drop, but this proved to be a little slow (I assume that it was copying the files from NAS1->PC->NAS2). So I found this guide which showed me how to SSH into NAS2, and then use smbclient to pull the files direct from NAS1.

Which seems to be getting about 10MB/s. Which is 80MBit, and so probably about as fast as the switch can usefully manage.

Now I just have to leave it for 12 hours while all 400Gig of videos copies over...

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comments there.