August 12th, 2011


Interesting Links for 12-8-2011



I think I'm burned out.

I've been trying to get myself worked up to the point where I can take part in more political stuff, and I just can't generate any enthusiasm. The idea of putting lots of effort into something that isn't going to have a pay-off fills me with exhaustion.

And I'm fairly sure this has rubbed off on work as well. Where I'm still getting things done, but my energy and enthusiasm has dropped to a low level. So if someone has a question or short task then I'm on it without a problem, but I'm just not getting through things at the speed I used ti.

I'm not sleeping badly, but I'm tired all the time.

You may even have noticed that I'm not actually posting much at the moment. The link posts are carrying the journal along, but I haven't felt like posting any content in a while.

It's my birthday in a week, and if you asked me what I wanted, I'd tell you a month off from _everything_.

Not sure what to do about this.

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