July 4th, 2011


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running with fire

It takes a lot for me to lower my opinion of the Murdoch Press...

Not just the hacking of Milly Dowler's voicemails;
not just listening in to every word spoken by a distressed relative;
not just deleting messages when the inbox was full, to make space for more messages;
but actually profiting from the brief moment of false hope when people thought that Milly Dowler must have deleted the messages herself and thus be alive, by sending hacks round to conduct an exclusive interview with the unaware family about their hopes


More details here.

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Oh for goodness sake

Since 2002 I've had a Google Account under the address of Andrew@ducker.org.uk (which has been my email address for even longer than that - since 1999).

About two years ago I set up the email for ducker.org.uk as a Google Apps Domain - which basically means that I could get them to host the email for that domain, and calendars, etc. I largely did this because they handled the spam better than the host I had been using, and they had 2Gig of storage available. And this was all fine and good.

Although it now meant that apparently I had _two_ accounts with Google, both called "andrew@ducker.org.uk", because that's just how Google did things. They hadn't merged the hosted domain stuff in with their regular account management - so I had to use one account for email and calendar stuff, and the other (older) one for Google Reader, and Google News, and all of the regular Google Goodness.

And then they decided that this was really fucking stupid, and they should merge it together. So that henceforth I would just have one account. Which seems sensible enough.

But rather than simply migrating all of my stuff over, and performing some kind of nifty merging, they would instead migrate _some_ stuff automatically, and force me to merge other stuff by hand, and a few things would just vanish into the ether, or remain attached to the old account, which I would have to think of a new email address for. So that, for instance, my Blogger login is now TheAndrewDucker@gmail.com, which isn't as useful as you might think.

And, on top of all of this, Google Profiles aren't up and running yet for Google Domains. And Google Plus depends on that. Which means that if I want to get to Google Plus then I have to use the TheAndrewDucker@gmail.com address. Which I'd have to use anyway - because all of my existing friends are now attached to that account anyway.

Which means that I can now (I think) do everything I want with Google under one account _except_ for Google Plus, which requires me to use this other account that nobody has ever heard of.

I believe the phrase is OhForFuck'sSake.

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Hold Me, Says Tom

Oh For Goodness Sake: Part Two

I can't add have Google+ on my normal Google account, because that's on a Google Domain (andrew@ducker.org.uk is hosted by them).

And because it's a Google account I can't add it to the list of alternate emails for the Google account I _can_ use with Google+.

So Google+ emails can only go to the email address associated with this account - which is one I didn't have until this evening, and which I have no particular wish to ever receive email at, ever!

Ok - what's the best way to forward emails from one GMail account to another? All I want is Google+ notifications (which is all that should ever show up there) to appear in my @ducker.org.uk account rather than this new @gmail.com account.

Edit: Got it. GMail actually handles forwarding really well. Checked for confirmation, set it up with some nice options, and it all works perfectly. The only glitch I had was that I wasn't able to test it myself - as emails from andrew@ducker.org.uk sent to an account that autoforwards _to_ andrew@ducker.org.uk don't actually get forwarded, because that might create an infinite loop! So, smart on their behalf, momentarily baffling for me. All sorted now though.

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