June 5th, 2011

Needs More Robots


I just turned on two-factor authentication for my main google identity (andrew@ducker.org.uk)

Which means I now have an app on my phone that generates a key, and every time I access Google from a new device I have to enter the current key (it changes over time).

In addition, it enforces a different, generated, password for each non-web application that accesses it. And setting these up has made it obvious quite how much I use Google.

There's IMAP on my desktop, laptop and phone. SMTP likewise. Address book sync to Thunderbird on laptop and desktop, and Google Sync on the phone (for calendar, address, etc.)

What's nice is that I can now revoke any of these. So if my laptop went missing I can lock it out of my email instantly. And likewise with my phone. Which gives me a nice feeling of security.

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Interesting Links for 5-6-2011


The advances of modern technology

Julie and I went to see The Wall in London. And one of the more impressive things they did as part of the stage show (other than crashing a plane into the stage at the start) was use the wall as a massive projection backdrop.

During the first half of the show they build the wall up, culminating with the musicians being bricked in behind it at the end of part one. During part two they project images onto it - starting off with images that mesh perfectly onto what's actually there, and then shifting perspective, or moving individual bricks, or just projecting massive bits of video onto it.

The two most effective bits were Run Like Hell:

and Vera/Bring The Boys Back Home:

which managed to make me cry. Bastards.

(thanks to bart_calendar for reminding me to post these)

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