May 1st, 2011


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Kitten Stalking

Baffled by git

So, I figured that I should get the code for my firefox addon into a version control system of some kind, and that this would be a good time to take git for a test run.

So I do a git init, and a git add ., and then when I do a git commit I am presented with this image:

At which point I enter the text I want, and have _no_ idea what to do next. Pressing "Esc" doesn't pull up anything useful, there's no help that I can see in the manual for what to do next, and frankly, this leaves me completely stymied.

I assume that what I've got there is basically some kind of unix text editor that I've been dropped into, but as I haven't used anything like that since 1992, this is less than useful.

I would just start pressing random buttons, but I'd rather not mess this up, and I believe that git is one of these things that's very easy to fuck up if you go wandering off randomly.

Anyone care to point me in the right direction?

Edit: Had help from lovely people, and then worked out how to replace the editor with one I know.

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STFU says the doctor

Some more success

Managed to get everything into a git repository on my laptop.

Then push that to github.

Then retrieve the files from github onto my desktop.

Then fix the readme on the desktop, push that back to github, and pull the changes down onto my laptop.

So I can now edit files on either machine, and move them back and forth via github.

Next up, I guess, is working out how to make a branch so that I can do temp stuff back and forth without breaking the head...

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Community season two finishes on the 13th
Desperate Housewives season 7 finishes on the 16th*
How I Met Your Mother season 6 finishes on the 17th
Big Bang Theory season four finishes on the 20th

and then all we have on is Game of Thrones and Doctor Who** until True Blood kicks off at the end of June.

I may end up reading a book if I'm not careful!

Anything I should be queuing up to replace them until they all restart again?

*More Julie's problem than mine, but there ya go.
**And of course that's only on for seven episodes before it takes a break until September!

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